AIKIDO TAKEMUSU teaches the "TRADITIONAL" Aikido of the founder Morehei Ueshiba
(1883-1969). Also known as Iwama Style or Ryu, its empty hand and weapons forms
were systematized and handed on by Ueshiba's principal student the late Morihiro
Saito(1928-2002), 9th Dan.

Ibaraki  Dojo Iwama O'sensei, Morihei Ueshiba Saito Sensei 9th Dan
Ibaraki Aikido Dojo Iwama - Aikido masters of Iabaraki Dojo
Morihei Ueshiba Founder
& Morihiro Saito 9th Dan

Aikido Takemusu SPECIALISES IN MIND FOCUSSING technique known as
"Mind - Centre - Extension"(MCE), which together with its technical
forms and strategies have evolved from Japanese sword technique.

Barry Knight, 6th Dan, Chief instructor of Aikido Takemusu and a senior
student of Morihiro Saito established the organization in Australia in 1982,
and has overseen technical direction in Australia since that date.
MCE, together with micro and macro avoidance control strategies, enables
students to develop EFFORTLESS FREE EXPRESSION of mind and body through
empty hand, sword and staff practices.

Student and Teacher Iwama 1980 tai jutsu - empty hand practice Aiki Ken - sword practice Aiki Jo - satff practice
Saito Sensei and student 1980. Empty hand, Aiki Ken and Jo Practices

Training is slow, methodical and challenging. There is NO COMPETITION and kicks and
punches are rarely used. RANKINGS are held twice yearly by examination.

 Group grading Mat 1993
Early Sunday morning gradings

All instructors are HIGHLY EXPERIENCED practitioners who have trained
extensively under Knight Sensei.

Many manage their own dojos. ADULT classes are open to MEN & WOMEN
from 18 years of age and up.

The AIKIDO TAKEMUSU GROUP has dojos covering many suburbs of Melbourne.

Sensei Barry Knight 6th Dan Rensei Dojo Caulfield Sensei Simon Rees 4th Dan Geelong
	Taku Ma Dojo



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