Ueshiba, Morehei (1883-1969) Founder of Aikido, Master Ibaraki Dojo, Iwama Japan 1842-1969

Ueshiba, Morehei (1883-1969) Founder of Aikido, Master Ibaraki Dojo, Iwama Japan 1942-1969


Ibaraki Dojo Iwama, Japan

Ibaraki Dojo Iwama, Japan


Both the physical and spiritual aspects of aiki originate from Japanese Bujutsu (martial art) and Budo (broader martial training).

Martial aiki concepts said to date back to the 9th century AD Japan were formalized as Diato or Takeda Ryu Jujutsu by Minamoto no Yoshimitsu 1036-1137 AD. and his ruling family. These concepts are still practiced today in Diato Ryu JuJutsu and Aikido.

From his background in Diato Ryu (under master Sokaku Takeda 1860-1943), traditional weapons arts and the spiritual influence of Omoto-kyo and Buddhist practices, Morehei Ueshiba (1883-1969) created Aikido, a discipline that promotes self-improvement and effective defense through the practice of "mind - body" (aiki) martial exercises and strategies.

The traditional empty hand and weapons techniques, taught by Ueshiba at his lbaraki dojo at Iwama, Japan between 1942 and 1969 were systematized and passed on to new generations of students by his principal student and dojo successor the late Morihiro Saito(1928-2002), 9th Dan.

AIKIDO TAKEMUSU in Australia advances this tradition through Barry Knight 6th Dan, a senior student of Morihiro Saito, and Sensei Knight's students who skillfully teach at their own dojos throughout Australia.

Sensei Barry Knight 6th Dan Rensei Dojo Caulfield Sensei Simon Rees 4th Dan Geelong
	Taku Ma Dojo

NOTE: Aikido Takemusu is a personal development and self-defense training Proficiency and rankings obtained in or through Aikido Takemusu do not entitle the recipient rights to any of the instructor's intellectual property or drills infused into or practiced in the generic forms of the art and therfore do not entitle the recipient the right to instruct in the style, use, adapt or modify the style or any such intellectual property infused therein for any purpose whatsoever without the ongoing permission of the instructor and under the conditions specified by the instructor.


Saito, Morihiro 9th dan (1928-2002) student Ibaraki dojo 1946-1969 Master Ibaraki dojo Aikido dojo 1969-2002

Saito, Morihiro 9th Dan (1928-2002) Student Ibaraki Dojo, 1946-1969 Master Ibaraki Aikido Dojo 1969-2002

Knight, Barry 6th dan(b-1945) Student Ibaraki Aikido dojo  1978-1980 Master rensei dojo Melbourne Australia 1982-

Knight, Barry 6th Dan (b-1945) Student Ibaraki Aikido Dojo 1978-1980 Master Rensei Aikido Dojo's, Melbourne Australia 1982-






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